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Fun for the whole family -- not to be found in this post

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Dear Reader,

If you have found this post on your friends list, then I suggest you find some new friends. Within this post are five images of three extremely unfortunate individuals, and viewing even one of them is sure to reduce you to tears until you have come to believe you have, in fact, no friends in this world.

These images are what may be considered "historical," which here implies that since the time of their depictions here, the subjects of these images have, in all cases, since grown older, and, in some cases, since stopped.

For your own sake, I suggest that you look elsewhere on the list of communications from your friends and associates, and possibly villains disguised as associates of your friends, or disguised as friends of your associates, and under no circumstances click on the link below.

With all due respect,

Post-script: "ASP" here refers to the initials of the author, and not to the poisonous snake best known for its appearances in the collection of herpetologist Montgomery Montgomery, and the acclaimed film by Gustav Sebald, Snakes on a Plane.
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